Images of past events


Edmonds Fall 2011   (Facebook link)

Silverton 2011

Edmonds 4th of July Parade 2011   (Facebook link)

Bothell 2011   (Facebook link)

Edmonds 2010   (Facebook link)

Oregon City 2010

Eugene 2010

Edmonds 2009

Salem 2009

Oregon City 2009

Edmonds All-School Workout 2008

Edmonds 2008

Salem 2008

Bellingham 2008

Kingston March 2008

Edmonds All-School Workout 2007


Edmonds November 2007

Salem 2007

Edmonds Spring 2007

Bellingham 2007

Edmonds All-School Workout 2006

Edmonds 2006

Salem 2006

Everett 2006

Bellingham 2006

Edmonds 2005

Salem 2005

Bothell 2005

Bellingham 2005

Edmonds 2004

Salem 2004

Carnation All School 2004

Edmonds 2003

Salem 2003



Jim Bulger

Joe & Jay Gates 4th dan test

Jason Mix & Joe Gates

Bob Crouch 4th dan demonstration with:

                Nikka Gaviola

                Kevin Lemm

                Dale Raymond

                Krist Geriene

                Joe Gates

Official's Seminar

Kevin Eng & Jon Ward 3rd dan test

Joe Gates & Kyle Grimm 2002

Gary Gregg & Kevin Bontrager 1988

Jay Gates & Kevin Bontrager 1988

Casey Hardan & Kevin Bontrager 1989

Stephen Eng & Kevin Eng 2013


Po Eun Demonstration Team side or front view -> YouTube

Yon-Ge by Nikka Gaviola side or back view -> YouTube

Yon-Ge by Jay Gates

Yoo-Sin by Mary Goodwin

Se-Jong by Nikka Gaviola


Advertisement 2011

Shoreline Arts Festival   June, 2012   (Facebook link)
        board breaking,     knife | Yon-Ge | spar,     more...

Edmonds Parade   July 4, 2011   (Facebook link)

Edmonds tournament   March 2011   (Facebook link)

Bothell tournament   May 2011   (Facebook link)

Breaking Compilation 2005

Jane Prideaux breaks 2003

Stephen Eng breaks 2003

Breaking Compilation 2001

Commercial for Bailey's TTKDC   (Facebook link)

Jay & Joe Gates demonstrate self defense - 2003


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